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Valentine's Day Discbound DIY ❤️

You share your deepest secrets, desires and fears with the knowledge they will never willingly be shared. You are safe with your trusted companion - they are always there for you. Dependable, unconditionally accepting... could this be love?! It's no wonder so many of us are enamoured with our journals. They can be a daily escape, a safe place to express our thoughts and feelings. Your heart and soul are penned onto the precious slips of paper, but do you show your journals the love they deserve?

I'll be showing you a few ways to get into the Valentine's mood whilst customising your journal and practicing self care through crafts and creative expression.

🥰 Treasured Memories

Whether it is to treasure the good times or learn from the heartbreaks, save your most valued memories from being forever lost to the digital archives. Print photos of your favourite moments and keep them safe amongst the other memories and mementos in your journal.

💌 Writing Love Letters

Slip a cheeky note into your daily spread with colourful masking tape, or place romantic reminders between the sheets with sticky notes. Keep the fun going with these removable reminders by placing sweet messages just where you need them for that little loving pick-me-up.

💝 Tie It With a Ribbon

A simple trick for marking your most loved pages is by beautifying your paperclips. Make your paperclips pretty with these steps:


Cut 3-4 inches of washi / masking tape and fold it onto itself. Decorate with a marker, or leave plain for a cute minimalist design.


Wrap the strip around the top of a paperclip and thread the ends back through towards the front.


Pull the ends tight and neaten up the folds by pressing with your fingers.


Trim the ends at an angle, in a 'V' shape or in your preferred style.

💞 Friends Forever

Friendship bracelets can be as simple or complex as you like but once tied, they symbolise the love of friendship. Like binding rings, knots and loops and complete circles reflect lifelong bonds and the infinity of love.

Decorate the rings of your discbound journal with colourful threads to convey personal meanings, and beads for a touch of personality.

💘 Make Your Mark

Let your personality shine through with your own unique cover designs and dividers in your discbound journal.

Stick, paint, scribble... there's no rules. You were both made for this! Be yourself, and make your mark - there won't be any judgement here. Collages of your favourite images, colours and words can make any day a little bit more beautiful.

You're bound to fall in love with your journal all over again with these creative and crafty Valentine's Day activities. Hopefully this quality time you have spent together will lead to a long and wonderful relationship! Have a happy Valentine's Day 💖


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