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Novel History​ & Future


The story started with Alex, a creative who found a creative outlet to cope with chronic illness. Marrying a passion for planning and organisation with socially progressive principles resulted in an idea to, not only create a product, but develop an empowering and inclusive creative system. 

In the past, discbound systems have not fully utilised their potentiality. It is perfect for creative thinkers who want to be efficient and organised but not confined to a set order. It is a system that can support environmentally-friendly lifestyles and purchasing choices. Yet many stationery companies encourage unlimited consumerism and partake in irresponsible environmental practices.

The aim of Novel is to make it easier for people to focus on what is important to them whilst reducing their environmental impact, and being comfortable in the knowledge that every product is also animal-friendly and suitable for vegans.

Novel is new but we are keen to raise awareness of important issues and contribute to the cultural shift towards a more conscious way of living and creating. If you would like to share your ideas, please join the discussions on our forum.


Financial donations to the movement are welcome - this will support product development and design, sourcing of materials to reduce cost and increase accessibility, and expansion into advocacy and activist projects. Thank you for your support.