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Novel Notebooks

Novel notebooks are designed to be refillable and reused for as long as possible. This reduces waste, environmental and ecological damage, and cost to you. It also makes it really easy to personalise, organise and optimise your notebook.

You are unique and your notebook should be too! The uncoated recycled board covers are perfect for decorating, drawing and painting on. They can take stickers and tape well too. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or something a bit more colourful, every cover has a unique look and feel due to the nature of the recycled materials and processes used to produce it.

The notebooks are held together by beautifully machined aluminium discs which you can potentially reuse for decades to come. Each page is easily removable by gently pulling from the top of the page in a downward motion so that the punched edge lifts away from the discs.

Novel Notes discbound notebook page remo

Our standard notebooks are provided with 50 sheets of quality 100gsm white paper to get you started. Feel free to experiment with different papers, using your book as a binder for sketches or documents, or creating a custom planner or journal. You can also buy our various refills that all come with rounded corners and punched edges - ready to use in your notebook.

We want your notebook to give you the freedom to be more creative, bring you joy and help you get the job done.

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