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New Novel Refills Launched!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I’m excited to announce the new range of A5 Novel refills! The range includes:

  • Novel WEEKS (week-per-page diary)

  • Novel WEEKS + (week-per-spread diary)

  • Novel MONTHS (monthly log)

  • Novel DAYS (daily diary / planner)

  • Novel BLOCKS (checklist / customisable layout)

  • Novel TRACKERS (tracking sheets / customisable layout)

  • Novel LINES (lined paper refills)

  • Novel DOTS (dot grid paper refills)

The new refills improve upon the previous Novel discbound sheets - they are printed on thicker 100gsm recycled paper and have a new minimalistic style that makes it easier for people with different journalling and planning styles to customise the layouts to their personal preference. As well as the customisable sheets, the Novel Weeks refills in both week-per-page or week-per-spread versions provide standard weekly planner layouts for those who prefer to get stuck in to their planning straight out of the box.

A weekly printed planner refill sheet, punched on the edge for discbound notebooks. The sheets is shown on a teal coloured background.
Novel Weeks // A5 Week-per-Page discbound planner refill

One of the main features of the range is the 5mm dot grid base that is an alternative to traditional lined or squared paper, and is helpful for creating custom grids on the page by connecting the dots. The dot grid is an unobtrusive light grey so that your work stands out on the page without the distraction of page ruling.

Another feature is the centre crosshairs with parallel markings. The crosshairs mark the midpoint of the page grid. This may be useful if you are conscious about precise layouts and it will save you time if you need to divide your page in halves or quarters.

A discbound notebook with printed white sheets bound in it that have a dot grid and vertical squares in a checklist style. The binding discs are shiny aluminium. The background is textured grey recycled paper.
Novel Blocks // Customisable layout suitable for to-do lists, bullet journalling and weekly layouts

The style throughout the range is inspired by minimalism and utilitarianism whilst being open to a broad range of creative uses. Your thoughts and ideas are the star of the show and your Novel notebook provides a guide so you can get on with doing what you do best!

If you get joy from drawing your own planner and journal spreads, but benefit from some basic structure, we have you covered. Trackers and Blocks were designed to have a multitude of uses. The dots and squares form the grids to work from but the possibilities are potentially endless. Look out for future posts showing some of the various ways you can use these new sheets.

An image of a black on white graphic design for a journalling sheet. The design has a dot grid on the left side and squared grid on the right side.
Novel Trackers // Dot grid and squared paper refills, useful for daily, weekly or monthly tracking

As always, Novel draws on the innate sustainability of discbound books and takes it one step further. Novel Weeks are now undated, allowing you to use them when needed and not have to waste any sheets if you skip a week or two. Simply date the sheets as you go, and use Novel Months to create an overview of future dates and events.

All Novel refills are of course ethically made - lovingly designed and skilfully printed in the UK using vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled paper. We are proud of our local print workers who were able to reproduce Novel designs to a high standard, even during a global crisis. With all the work that has gone into these papers and planners, I hope they are able to help you create a discbound system of your own that you love and that works for you.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and well.

- Alex

p.s. Still to come… New Novel Notebooks! Stay tuned for updates :)


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