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Aluminium Binding Rings - 32mm

Aluminium Binding Rings - 32mm


These unique ethically made binding rings, designed for functionality and elegance, offer an alternative to our standard binding discs.

Novel binding discs are sourced with ethics and quality in mind. Your discs should last a lifetime, cause minimal harm to the environment, and do their one job well - keeping your precious notes securely bound and providing a smooth page-turning experience. We have designed these discs especially for you discbound connoisseurs!


Read more about the sourcing of our discs here.

  • 32mm aluminium binding discs
  • Made by local manufacturers in the UK
  • High quality machined aluminium for smooth page turning, beautiful look and feel
  • 100% recyclable
  • Compatible with most popular disc binding systems including Staples ARC, Levenger Circa, Atoma, Happy Planner, Discagenda


Enjoy beautiful design anywhere you go - try our new 20mm discs for your every-day-carry notebooks and daily notes.


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