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Discbound notebook with aluminium discs


eco-friendly and vegan

stationery for

conscious creatives

Novel is an ethical stationery brand

with a focus on user empowerment & creativity

Made from Recycled Materials

Novel loves sustainable creativity! All paper, card and board used in Novel notebooks is made from 100% recycled post-consumer materials.

Vegan &

Cruelty Free

Novel notebooks are made without the use of any animal products such as animal-based pigments or adhesives. Novel is a vegan business that does not support animal exploitation or testing on animals. All Novel products are suitable for vegans.


Recyclable & Reusable

All Novel notebooks are made using 100% recyclable materials from the UK and EU. Novel discbound books are designed to be refilled and customised so that the lifespans of our products are extended, benefiting you and the environment.

Made in


Novel notebooks are handmade in Britain using materials from the United Kingdom and Europe.

"I'm really happy with the discs I purchased... Great quality, made in a country that has acceptable labor laws... and they fit the profile of ARC, TUL, and Atoma punches. This is the first disc I've found that will fit all three. The holes on the 32mm discs can fit a Kaweco Sport fountain pen, and the holes are also useful in case you want to tie anything to the notebook. Thanks for making them available!"

- Customer, Anonymous

planner sheets, discbound notebook covers and binding discs on a white surface
Novel Notes Logo

every one unique

      tell your story

  build your book


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