A7 Discbound Pocket Notebook - Plain paper

A7 Discbound Pocket Notebook - Plain paper

Refillable Discbound Pocket Notebook
A7 reporters' style pad

Handmade in the UK using ethical materials



  • 20mm aluminium binding discs
  • High quality machined aluminium for smooth page turning, a beautiful look and feel
  • 100% recyclable



  • 50 sheets
  • 100gsm smooth matte white paper, unlined and ungridded
  • Highest whiteness 160 CIE, good opacity and cleanliness
  • Manufactured without chlorine bleaching
  • Produced using bioenergy and local sourcing materials, closed loop, no landfill
  • Certified FSC, Nordic Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
  • Highest ageing resistance (DIN 6738 and ISO 9706)
  • Suitable for use in archiving, guaranteed for 100 years
  • Suitable for printing with inkjet, laser printers and photocopiers
  • Punched edge for use with the Novel discbound system
  • Rounded corners for durability



  • Sturdy 1mm thick board covers
  • 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable
  • Not dyed or bleached with chlorine


Please note: Each item is unique! Due to this item being made from the 'lowest grade' (the greenest) post consumer recycled material, colours may vary from what you see on screen and can (not will) discolour and fade. The covers are also decorated by hand and will therefore have variations. Covers are provided uncoated, with no varnish or additional chemicals applied.





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