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Novel Notes awarded 'Best Sustainable & Vegan Stationery Provider - UK'

LUXLife Magazine certificate - Winner 2021 Global Vegan Awards

LUXLife magazine recently announced the winners of the 2021 Global Vegan Awards and I am so pleased, on behalf of Novel Notes, to accept the award of 'Best Sustainable & Vegan Stationery Provider UK' given by LUXLife, a luxury lifestyle magazine that highlights high quality products to its readership. I'm always a bit suspicious of awards like this, perhaps because sometimes it feels like the marketing industry is full of impure intentions, but I'm going to take this award as a compliment anyway.

Novel Notes came about as a result of my disillusionment and frustration with existing products, consumerism and culture of disposability. It was a creative outlet and motivation during my battle with mental health issues. I worked hard to get the qualifications and skills to be able to do this, and I am still learning and trying to level up every day. If you have ever worked hard for anything, you should feel proud. Sometimes you need a reminder that you did something worthwhile and I am so grateful to be able to get that every time a new order comes in through the Novel Notes shop.

It is exciting to be recognised for the standard of work, quality of product and vision of creating a more sustainable and vegan stationery industry that makes Novel Notes what it is. It is cool to get a certificate and having the website back-linked is great for SEO. But even more exciting is the faith and support every one of our customers has shown when they choose to order Novel Notes sustainable, ethically produced stationery over any number of more established brands - Novel Notes is quite new so it is really encouraging to get this kind of recognition and support. It shows that despite existing in a capitalist dystopia, people do care about their buying choices and the effects of their actions. Every time there is a new order, a bit more of my faith in humanity is restored!

Thank you LUXLife for awarding Novel Notes with the title of Best Sustainable Vegan Stationery Provider. I hope it will help people find this little shop and maybe get the same joy that I do when I see that someone else shares my vision of a more sustainable, vegan future. I hope that readers will check out the other vegan businesses that have been nominated as a lot of them, like Novel Notes, are quite niche and might be new to a lot of people. I know I'll be browsing the awards directory, maybe even find my new favourite product that just so happens to not be harmful to animals!

- Alex, owner of Novel Notes

What are your thoughts on these kinds of awards?

Which is your favourite brand from the list?

Despite the encouragement I have received, I am always keen to know how I can improve, provide a better service and product to those people that are generous enough to buy their stationery at Novel Notes. Please share your thoughts in the comments, on social media, or send me a message if you have any feedback.

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