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Looking Forward: The Novel Vision

What is the purpose of Novel Notes? Why does it exist? What is the goal?

Novel Notes is a small business with big ambitions! Read on to find out more…

Why was Novel created?

Novel Notes was created in response to several problems: there is a lack of stationery companies that intentionally create ethically manufactured products using sustainably sourced, vegan materials; it is hard to find well-designed, customisable, minimalist and gender-neutral organisational systems that are truly eco-friendly, vegan, and plastic-free.

Discbound systems are great for those that want to reduce waste, and are looking for customisable notebooks and planners with parts that can be reused many times. They are perfect for creative thinkers who want to be efficient and organised, but not confined to a set structure.

The aim of Novel is to make it easier for people to focus on what is important to them whilst reducing their environmental impact, and being comfortable in the knowledge that every product is also animal-friendly and suitable for vegans. While many stationery companies encourage unlimited consumerism and partake in irresponsible environmental practices, Novel is an ethically-focused system that can support environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

The Novel Mission

Novel aims to be a point of contact, a supply source enabling conscious creatives to support each other in creating and promoting intersectional social and ecological awareness.

We acknowledge our individual strengths in the collaborative push towards a more mindful culture. We work to make creative and organisational tools accessible, inclusive, and customisable for all the unique purposes we discover for ourselves.

You may be working for the betterment of us all, but you are still your own person. With freedom of expression, we can freely innovate. We encourage personal freedom and the journey towards confidence in being our true selves, whilst spreading the message that a low-impact lifestyle can be achieved through creativity, individuality and a fulfilling life.

Novel Objectives

Novel discbound notebooks are a symbol of our belief in creative individuality in the pursuit of societal progress. We believe we can do better and make changes, and we have the tools to do it.

For the tools to be accessible to people that need them, and the system to be inclusive, we need to increase awareness and hopefully in time, reduce costs. All the funds from sales currently go back into materials, production, and finding more efficient ways to produce high-quality products.

The idea is more important than the product, but the product is the conduit for the message. For continued progress, it is important to be able to share our ideas, the things we have created and learnt through our work. Community and collaboration will help us all achieve our goals.

How can you help?

The Novel message will never be to only buy Novel. Rather, it is to use whichever tools help you to do the right thing and make a positive change. However, Novel might be for you if:

  • Buying high quality recycled and recyclable products is important to you

  • You only want to buy items that are vegan and cruelty-free

  • You want to support businesses that value ethical practice over financial gain

  • You want to know that products are manufactured under ethical conditions and workers are paid fairly

  • You want to support the Novel mission and would like to be part of the community

Your support is greatly appreciated! It keeps a small business running and is helping to build momentum in the sustainable stationery movement. Thank you.

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