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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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A bizarre and unpredictable year is coming to a close, with uncertainty still looming for most of us. A 'highlight' for me was trying to find a place to live during lockdown, whilst experiencing covid-19 symptoms (which I wasn't able to get tested for at the time)! I got through it, but have felt the stress that many have experienced during this year with being displaced in one way or another. We all have our ways to deal with it, and mine was through structure and habit. Regularity feels safe, and with that basic foundation I was able to better focus on accomplishing the goals I set for myself.

Despite difficulties that I encountered, I had the privilege to be able to focus on something other than survival for some of this year. In fact the enforced isolation of lockdown provided an opportunity to create a positive out of a strange and unnerving situation. It is my hope that what I create can be helpful to those that do not have the same luxury - those that are busy keeping our countries and societies running. Perhaps even those like myself, who are starting from scratch, are out of work, unwell or recovering from illness, may benefit from structure that can be motivational, inspiring and provides a sense of peace.

The structure I'm talking about here comes from effective planning and regular journalling. I'll go deeper into what that means for me at another time, but for now the most important things from this year that I have learnt, practiced and can advise is:

  • Identify your goals

  • Create a realistic plan

  • Have a consistent routine

  • Review regularly

You could just use scraps of paper and a pen for this, and at some point that is what I did! I've tried all kinds of diaries, notebooks and binders over the years, looking for a method of planning and reviewing that didn't take up a bunch of brain power to maintain and search through. We need systems that can grow and adapt with us, which is why discbound notebooks are so incredibly useful. Even the scraps can find a place in a discbound book. I've devoted this year to creating a range of refills that you can add to your discbound notebooks in whichever way works for you.

The new Novel refills are great for those that have the mental and creative energy and time to customise their planners but I can understand that putting together a notebook or a system is not a priority for everyone. Sometimes you only have enough precious brain power to do what you need to exist - working hard, looking after your health and that of others. I hope the new Novel 'Plans' ready-made planner can be of help to you in doing those things.

Novel Plans is an A5 discbound planner compiled with sheets of the same style as the new Novel refills, so you can easily maintain your planner with refills that you enjoy the most. The planner comes with a range of sheets already bound, to save you the time, energy and money of finding and binding all the refills you need for a standard weekly planner. At £32 GBP, you will also save 20% compared to buying all the equivalent planner supplies separately!

The Novel planner includes:

- 32mm aluminium binding rings

- Novel notebook covers made of sturdy 100% recycled board

- Vertical monthly logs for 12 months

- Horizontal undated weekly planning pages for 52 weeks, with a week on one side and dot grid note page on the other side of each sheet

- Daily planning / journalling pages for 32 days, with dot grid and 24 hour time blocks

- A variety of gridded notes pages including lined, dot grid and checklists

All Novel printed sheets are printed on 100gsm matte white recycled paper that is certified for environmental sustainability and quality. The entire planner is 100% recyclable and made of safe, sustainable, vegan materials, designed and bound in the UK.

Due to limited supplies, there are only a few Novel Plans available. If there is a demand, they may be brought back next year. I would love to hear your feedback:

- Are you looking for an ethically made discbound planner?

- Do you prefer to buy ready-made planners or do you enjoy customising your own?

- What are your thoughts on Novel Plans? Try it out and let me know what you think! :)

Wishing you happy planning for a happier new year.

- Alex

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