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How to Make Your Own Discbound Notebook

Looking for tips on how to bind board notebook covers with aluminium binding discs? Keep reading!

Novel notebook covers are quite sturdy and thick compared to a lot of the thin plastic alternatives. This is good news for your notebooks, but can be a bit tricky to get your discs onto for the first time. There isn’t a lot of bend to the covers so you will need to place them together at the correct angles. It isn’t hard once you know how! Check out the step-by-step tutorial and image below.


Hold a disc in one hand. With the other hand, grip your first cover on one corner near the punched edge. Slide one edge of the disc into the first mushroom-shaped hole, then the other edge. Do this with all the discs for this cover.


Now that one cover is done, hold the disc that is at the edge of the cover and repeat the process for the second cover until the two covers are bound by the discs.


Novel refills can be added by aligning the punched paper with the discs and pressing down on each side of the punched holes to secure the sheet onto the discs. A few sheets can be added at a time, until your notebook is complete.


You can remove sheets of paper from your discbound notebook by holding the inner corner of the sheet (near the discs) and gently pulling the sheet away from the discs in a downward motion.

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