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Alex Makes / Novel Notes

Countless events have led me to where I am today – to believe the things I do, to have the motivations and desires that I do at this moment. The over-riding theme in my life has been the search for freedom – to be able to be myself, whatever that may be, but also to be free of whatever I consider to be my ‘self’… It’s an ongoing project! I believe in the fundamental rights of everyone to freely exist, explore and identify what it means to them to be human. We should all have an opportunity to not only confront the meaning of our own personal experience of this existence, but also to have access to resources that enable us to craft our own experience. What would this look like for us? What would we discover if we made time for discovery, increased our capacity and reach, and developed true determination over our own lives? Where do we even begin?

Creativity is one way that we analyse and communicate our humanity. Sometimes what we say is conscious and deliberated, often it is an instinctive reaction to our circumstances. The most ancient art and graphics contain coded meanings that have survived history, changes in language, cultural symbols and belief systems. Our genetics predispose us to react to colours, shapes, patterns, and textures as a necessity for survival. How objects, images, and symbols relate to not only our instinctive interpretations, but also the layered meanings we assign to them, is one of the core areas of knowledge in the study of graphic communication.

Using the resources and knowledge available to me, I provide materials and services to empower people to experience their own powerful visions and journeys of discovery. Working with creative minds, unique individuals and organisations with noble goals… visions intersect, opportunities open up, and we strengthen our resolve – we will achieve great things together.

Novel Notes

Novel Notes is a medium for ethically conscious creativity, making unique environmentally sustainable and vegan stationery materials available whilst promoting intersectional social and ecological awareness. Novel Notes products are modular, customisable, minimalist and gender-neutral in design, allowing the user to create their own systems and tell their own stories. Trust in your individuality while building something greater. I believe in you. You are creating something beautiful.

Alex Makes

Alex Makes is a resource for creative services with a focus on ethical processes and outcomes. We are connected, yet out of reach from those that could help us achieve our shared goals. Use visual communication, with the help of an experienced professional graphic designer, to connect with your intended audiences, expand your ethical business and watch your creative vision come to life.

My Goals

Within the limits of our individual lifespans, physical and mental abilities, available resources, natural skills as well as learned ones, we each have something to contribute to the network of shared knowledge. I hope to be able to contribute something of my lifetime exploring and learning about visual communication to help others find their own meanings and understand those of others. The more we understand, the more we strengthen the links between us.

Let’s bring awareness.

Let’s set a standard.

Let’s make something good.

Thank you for your participation and dedication to the good work.

If you are interested in reading more about Novel Notes, browse the Journal and visit the Shop.

If you would like to talk about how graphic design can expand your possibilities, message me now to arrange a free consultation.

- Alex

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